About Me

Hi! 👋 I am Tavi

I maintain some projects, you're welcome to try them.

My Offerings

DivestOS Mobile

DivestOS Mobile is a more private and more secure aftermarket operating system working on 60+ device models and available for 100 more.

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Router Firmware

I provide unofficial security hardened OpenWrt images for a handful select devices.

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I have a few dozen original projects available for you to peruse!

Software Available

Domain Blocklists

I maintain a number of domain blocklists to increase the effectiveness of your ad/tracker blockers.

DNSBL Tables



I occasionally make videos on various topics, you can watch them!

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Free as in Freedom

All of my creations and supporting frameworks used are free (as in freedom) and open source, otherwise known as FOSS.

FOSS allows you to maintain the four essential freedoms:

  • The freedom to run the program for any desired purpose
  • The freedom to learn and change how the program works
  • The freedom to redistribute the program as is
  • The freedom to redistribute the program with your own changes

Learn more about free software here
Proprietary software is also often malicious to the user

2022 FSF ONFSC award recipient